Prophy Products

As a veterinary dentist committed to preventing animal oral disease, you rely on the best prophy products. Dentalaire has a wide range of veterinary dentistry prophy products to help you overcome the unique challenges of working with animals, including:

  • Plaque disclosing solution for veterinary dentists, to locate calculus or plaque on teeth.
  • Disposable prophy angle that reduces heat, paste splatter and tangles from catching hairs.
  • Both autoclavable and sealed and autoclavable prophy angle.
  • Anti-bacterial fluoride quick-gel to strengthen animal tooth enamel.
  • Vetcare prophy paste in fruit or mint flavors.


DA 10955 True-Seal Prophy Angel

Sealed & Autoclavable, Snap-on

DA551PSN ECONOMY Prphy Angle

Autoclavable, Snap-on


DA 10956 True-Seal Prophy Angle
Sealed & Autoclavable, Screw-on
DA5512PSC ECONOMY Prphy Angle
Autoclavable, Screw-on


​DTP 10967 - Twister  Prophy Angle with cup, bag of 100. Prophy Cup reciprocates back and forth. No paste splatter! No heat! No more tangles from catching hairs ! Latex free.